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    OWNDAYS 來自日本的堅持簡約的整體設計,將為各位帶來嶄新的配鏡體驗。以最好的服務、最新的系統帶給各位全新的感受! 鏡框加上鏡片1,990元起的安心定價!無論任何度數,薄型非球面鏡片追加費用0元! 無論男女老少皆可安心的品質服務,最快20分鐘即可完成取件!隨時提供1,500副獨創眼鏡做為選擇,適合你的一定找得到! OWNDAYS – The Spirit of Japan Bringing you a whole new eyewear shopping experience with OWNDAYS’ minimalist design. Feel the unmatched customer service and latest technology! A simple price system from TW$1,990~ inclusive of frame and lenses. High index aspheric lenses at no additional charge, no matter how high the degree is! Quality services for all with glasses ready in just 20 minutes! With over 1,500 designs available in store, you can definitely find your perfect pair!